Your listeners invest their time in your on-air product.

Do your personalities pay them back?

Hey, let's face it: There are a ton of factors that have resulted in stale radio content that simply does not engage your listeners.

So they surf.

They push buttons.

They start loading "driving songs" onto their phones.

They. Turn. You. Off.

When that happens? Boom! You're done. Because attracting back disappointed and disengaged listeners is difficult, time consuming, and very expensive. Just short of impossible, really.

The deck is stacked against small and medium-sized operators. Your competition can play the same music that you play. It can provide the same community service you do. And when was the last time you saw a radio station bumpersticker?

There IS one thing that you can do on the air, control, customize, and use to make listeners love you...come home to you

Choose content between the songs that is entertaining, compelling, intelligent...remarkably engaging. 

Content from Kenny Wall Broadcasting.

Why Kenny Wall?

Kenny Wall is a Radio veteran of more than three decades, on two continents.

Stellar ratings? Well, yeah.

Talent that transcends genres: Country. Hot AC. Every universally recognized iteration of Rock and CHR. 

Cool, high-revenue markets known for discerning listeners.

In 1998, Kenny Wall became a member of a very elite club of entertainers who transformed in-the-studio "shifts" into localized, off-site entertainment shows, utilizing the then-groundbreaking Gulfstar Starsystem, the company that invented voice tracking. 

Kenny posted consistently high ratings across five competitive platforms and formats. Every day. Every week. Every hour of every show.

Today, Kenny and his team are spread across the nation, coast-to-coast, time zone after time zone, asking the right questions, doing the research, and crafting every break to make what comes out of the speakers sound absolutely local. Voice Tracking that creates an emotional bond with the listener,  engagement carefully prepared to your programmer's specifications and wishes. Every time. 

Do something else that is truly remarkable: Save your budget for other stuff that will delight your audience and advertisers. A full show of up to five hours daily, Monday through Friday, is cheaper than you think.  Lightning fast turnaround on commercial reads are included.

Did we mention "Remarkable?"

We are open and ready to perform!  Multi-station discounts available. Limited spots are open!

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